Black and white – 1957 2009 – 10.06.2009

With the Black&White exhibition, gallery owner Fabio Falsaperla once again becomes the witness of an important piece of art history thanks to the presence of works by artists, from two generations compared, who use painting as a formal experimentation.

With black and white works by historical artists such as Carla Accardi, Franco Angeli, Mario Ceroli, Giosetta Fioroni, Sergio Lombardo, Jannis Kounellis, Renato Mambor, Gino Marotta, Fabio Mauri, Cesare Tacchi, Mario Schifano and younger artists such as Getulio Alviani, Costantino Baldino, Ivan Barlafante, Danilo Bucchi, Alessandro Cannistrà, Pamela Cento, Dan. Rec, Giusy Lauriola, Emilio Leofreddi, Achille Pace, Alberto Parres, Gisella Pietrosanti, Cristiano Pintaldi, Nicola Spezzano and Stefano Trappolini, one finds oneself involved in a process of psychological insight that sets in motion all the emotional and logical sensitivities of each of us. The choice to present only black and white or only black and white works stems from the gallery owner’s need to show the harmony of the signs of contemporary painting with which the viewer can derive all the emotions, sensations or even visions that the composite simplicity of each work and the severe rhythm of solids and voids suggest. From figurative to abstract art, the simplicity of the rhythmic scansion of the black and white works appears as an attempt at rational simplification, through which the artists in the exhibition convey the intuition, strength and freedom of pure creation.