From right to left:
Fabio Falsaperla, Sergio Lombardo, Maurizio Calvesi, Renato Mambor, Deodato and Cesare Tacchi.

Group exhibition Black and White, curated by Maurizio Calvesi, Galleria La Nuvola.

La Nuvola is Rome’s contemporary art gallery on Via Margutta founded in 1999 by Fabio Falsaperla, and today directed by his daughter Alice.

Specialising in the 1960s and 1970s, the Gallery is known nationally and internationally for exhibiting the Second Roman School (Mario Schifano, Franco Angeli, Tano Festa, Mario Ceroli, Giosetta Fioroni, Sergio Lombardo, Renato Mambor and Cesare Tacchi), the Forma 1 Group (Achille Perilli, Carla Accardi), up to the most contemporary artist.

The Gallery has collaborated with major exhibition spaces, such as the Vittoriano, international brands and institutions, such as Campari, FAO and Amnesty International. These exhibition activities, together with the curation of conferences, are complemented by the daily work of the Gallery, pursued with the same eclectic approach, aimed at new research that interweaves historicised art with a current perspective.”I do not remember exactly when we met with Fabio Falsaperla, but I do remember that we met several times and he was always very interested in my work. He bought some of my paintings, something almost out of the norm. Many Roman dealers […] do not do any promotional work, not even the choice of artists, art theory, critical path, none of this. A well-known artist comes along and lends them a painting and without risk it is placed in their window. In this picture, Fabio Falsaperla is a hero because he took out money and bought works’.

Sergio Lombardo on Fabio Falsaperla, from an interview with the artist conducted by art historian, art critic and curator Alberto Dambruoso. “Art Spaces. Anthology of published and unpublished critical texts edited by Francesco Franco, La Sapienza University of Rome, 2004