Cesare Tacchi – I guardiani della primavera – 21.06.07

Cesare Tacchi’s personal exhibition, The Guardians of Pop Spring, presented by Maurizio Calvesi, will be inaugurated on Thursday 21 June at 6.30 pm at Fabio Falsaperla’s Galleria La Nuvola. The event includes the exhibition of the large tapestry dedicated to Botticelli’s Primavera together with nine other tapestries, nine details of the same Primavera.

The Botticelli theme has been dear to Cesare Tacchi since the 1960s, when he exhibited the work La Primavera Allegra at the La Tartaruga gallery in 1965, whose floral decoration refers to the painting by the Tuscan artist. In “The Guardians of Spring Pop” we find all the characters of the kingdom of Venus sung by ancient poets, by Poliziano and taken up in Botticelli’s work. In the center, Venus represents Humanitas; around her Zephyr, Flora, Spring, the Graces, Mercury and Cupid.

Spring revisited by Tacchi shows two other “new” characters. At the sides of the work, the artist represents what he calls the pop guardians, his famous profile silhouettes that seem to monitor and guard Botticelli’s characters. Cesare Tacchi made his debut in 1959, at just nineteen years old, together with Mario Schifano and Renato Mambor at the Appia Antica gallery in Rome. In the 1960s, he participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions, often exhibiting at the La Tartaruga gallery. In recent years, his research focuses on the urban landscape (remember the Taxi series). His production of painting objects dates back to 1965: canvases made with inserts of furnishing upholstery.The characters represented, figures “stolen” from the mass media, tend to emerge from the painting in a sort of “bas-relief”, through the use of padding then covered with different fabrics and shapes. In the Seventies, he participated in important exhibitions at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna and the Quadrennial in Rome. After a period of return to sign painting, he continues his research in producing three-dimensional works, picture-objects designed to recreate an environmental situation.

With this new solo show, Fabio Falsaperla continues his research, which began a few decades ago, dedicated to the Scuola di Piazza del Popolo, hosting personal and collective exhibitions of the protagonists of the Roman season.