Come eri vestita? – La Nuvola / Amnesty International – 25.11.23

On November 25th, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Galleria La Nuvola in Via Margutta and Amnesty International are pleased to present the event How were you dressed?

The talk will begin at 5.00 pm with the participation of Riccardo Noury, Spokesperson for Amnesty International; Tina Marinari, Campaigns Coordinator for Amnesty International; Elena Santiemma, Head of Women’s Coordination at Amnesty International, and Alessio Miceli of the National Plural Men’s Association. This will be followed by the presentation of an artistic video on the topic, created by the International Association.

The conference will leave room for the opening of the collective exhibition, curated by Alice Falsaperla, whose critical text accompanies the exhibition of the works of the artists Jamileh Mehdi Araghi, Nahid Bakloo, Neda Shafiee, Lucia Simone and Marilina Succo.
The exhibition is articulated on a conceptual territory that addresses the abandonment of gender stereotypes; there are no governable roles or social constructions, but an anthropological and environmental crasis that unfolds through diversified aesthetic practices and techniques.

Jamileh Mehdi Araghi, an Iranian-born German painter, selects identity and migration as the main themes of her works. The author elaborates the concept of “refuge” and experiments with a unity linked to the human and nature, according to a hybrid that looks at the figurative and abstract.
Nahid Bakloo creates refined art from an illustrative matrix, through which images and words take space in parallel. The author weaves, through her works, stories that have their roots in her personal Iranian heritage and in her current Roman life. Bakloo outlines daily moments of women’s resilience, where cultural and symbolic influences participate. Insistent conversations take place that question identity, feminism and its declinations, indicating a poetic interval.Neda Shafiee Moghaddam investigates the three dimensions, attempting to strengthen an atypical connection between painting and sculpture, installing rough concrete blocks, to suggest the shape of the memories that she herself has, metaphorically, “placed in a box”. It is a criticism of possession and obedience; an incentive to uncontaminated militant thought.

Lucia Simone is an artist who, through a language that draws from dystopian visions, sensitively analyzes existential concepts. The author delves into introspection and trauma, through the emergence of fragments of images that appear mnemonically broken down on the canvas.
Marilina Succo offers a physiognomic and expressionist introspection in the exhibition, the result of artistic-aesthetic research on the human face. The artist evokes a state of trance on anti-realistic faces, which, visually, aim to stimulate a process of projective perception that changes based on everyone’s individual experience. Marilina Succo’s exercise aims to conceptually recreate a form of hypnotic state in which women have been immersed for countless times.

The common intent of this project is to be able to raise awareness and mobilize the public, through the declination of the artistic events selected for this occasion, which can be visited until 5 December. We also thank Giusy Emiliano for her contribution to the organizational process.

Photography by Anna Pavliv