Daniele Cima – Ritratti Fiscali – 12.11.21

Not yet 20 years old, Daniele Cima began to devote himself to art direction and graphic design, quickly becoming an artist specialised in Italian graphic and advertising creativity. He stands out for his ability to combine rigour with visual experimentation and for his marked sensitivity towards the aesthetics of communication, which has been rewarded and recognised in Italy and Europe. After his first approach in 1990, the artist has steadily intensified his production through the realisation of a series of projects that maintain an executive structure, characteristic of his training in the applied arts.

Following various exhibitions in Milan, including the historic Triennale last June, Cima is exhibiting his Ritratti Fiscali and Artphabet series for the first time in Rome, at Galleria La Nuvola, which are united by a tout -court art made of plausible codes. If the mandate of Pop Art, of which the Gallery is a spokesman, is to consider the everyday as an aesthetic element, Cima does so with the tax code. “He uses it to portray historical and contemporary figures. They are called portraits because, although they do not show faces, they decline the generalities of the subject, certifying their identity,” says Gianni Maimeri.”With the paradox that in the era of super-visibility, where everyone wants to hyper-show themselves, Cima’s portraits do not really portray the subject, as in the history of art, but rather present it to us in its minimal form and precisely reduced to a number and a letter, but – mind you – knowing that that number and that letter, being an author, are no longer simply a number and a letter,” Maimeri concludes. The book testimony Coming Out, edited by Eugenio Alberti Schatz, with texts by Loris Arsella, Pasquale Barbella, Véronique Bergen, Guenda Cermel, Angelo Crespi, Gianni Maimeri, Cristina Muccioli, Antonello Negri, Till Neuburg, Daniele Ravenna, Andrea Schubert and Nicola Zanardi will also be presented at the event. Speakers include Fabio Falsaperla, Alfredo Accatino, Eugenio Alberti Schatz, Guenda Cermel, Margherita Schirmacher and the artist.