Gino Marotta – L’incanto della Savana – 16.06.2010

The exhibition L’incanto della Savana (The Enchantment of the Savannah ) by Gino Marotta, a central figure in the Roman art scene of the second half of the 20th century, opens on Wednesday 16 June at 6.30 pm.

Following the retrospective at the MACRO, Fabio Falsaperla presents the artist’s second major solo exhibition, curated by Maurizio Calvesi and centred on an unpublished production, designed and realised ad-hoc for the spaces of Galleria La Nuvola in Rome.

In the new works, conceived with flat transparent plates, nature is filtered through the screen of an increasingly refined technology, proposing a language strongly linked to contemporaneity. The viewer is invited to lose himself and wonder, as if he were a character in a fairy tale set in an enchanted savannah.The fluorescent hues of the coloured LEDs distance us from reality by making the figures more like apparitions, which impalpably and delicately react to light by refracting it in the exhibition space.The material colour is here totally replaced by a physical dimension: the artificial light, born from the LEDs, coloured as it passes through the methacrylate, acts as a conductor according to a principle derived from optical fibres and is made visible as it flows along the lines engraved by the laser.Just unplug it from the socket and the transparent methacrylate sheet hides its former life; one can hardly recognise the signs that a moment before were a strong apparition full of mystery. Marotta’s research into the evolution of space and time continues, in an attempt to ”rearrange and rename archetypes on which to base new realities”. On this occasion, La Nuvola pays tribute to an artist who projects himself into the future, immersing his primary figures in digital programmes, LEDs, lasers and coloured filters.