Gino Marotta – Trasparente Apparente – 06.02.2008

Fabio Falsaperla’s La Nuvola Gallery and Ida Benucci’s gallery, respectively in via Margutta and via del Babuino, present on Wednesday 6 February 2008 at 6.00 pm, Gino Marotta’s personal exhibition entitled “Trasparente / Apparente”, curated by Maurizio Calvesi. The exhibition will be followed by the presentation of the monograph on Gino Marotta by Maurizio Calvesi (Silvana Editoriale) and the artist’s book published on the occasion of the event.

The exhibition includes the display of the famous methacrylates created by Gino Marotta in the Sixties/Seventies, and the works from 2003-2004 presented for the first time in Rome. In via del Babuino, a six-metre fluorescent lightning bolt, created by the artist in 2006, will also be installed. The exhibition will take place in three spaces in the most authentic heart of Rome, traditionally intended for major artistic and cultural events, creating a single path organization divided into three moments. An “oasis” of methacrylate sculptures will be presented in via Margutta 51/a. Small animals, palms and trees with typical Marottian colours, bright and lively, will enliven the gallery room. In the second exhibition space, inaugurated a few months ago in via Margutta 62/a, the most recent methacrylate works exhibited in institutional locations around the world (New York, Seoul, New Delhi, Karachi, Islamabad, Taipei) and for the first time in Rome, in a private gallery. Finally, inside the gallery in via del Babuino 150/c, gigantic methacrylate animals will populate the exhibition space together with the 1971 polyptych, “Le Veneri”.

On the occasion of this great event, the La Nuvola and Benucci galleries pay homage to Gino Marotta by exhibiting their private collection. The great works of Gino Marotta from the 1950s up to his latest research will then be presented: Piombi, Rilievi and Metacrilati will be present in an exhibition room of the gallery in Via del Babuino, in a section entitled Private Collection.

Presentazione di Maurizio Calvesi in pdf