Mario Schifano – Corrispondenza Privata – 06.10.12

The exhibition Mario Schifano “Corrispondenza Privata”, curated by Andrea Tugnoli, opens on Tuesday 6 December, at 6.30 pm, in the exhibition spaces of the Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea La Nuvola di Fabio Falsaperla.
Schifano’s experience of art is renewed with over 150 unpublished works on paper, precious pictorial interventions on overgrown and colour-saturated postal envelopes. And Schifano appears to us as a sort of King Midas, who magically transforms everything he touches into painting. A short circuit between vision, feeling and painting: it is the gallerist’s attempt to capture for the first time the most intimate side of an artist and his unmistakable sign.Schifano himself confesses that for him “painting is a way of existing, of acting”. Most of the works on display illustrate the main theme addressed by the artist: landscape. Schifano’s landscape images are elementary and dissociated (sky, tree, earth, oasis, palm) and produce a completely new figuration. This painting, as Maurizio Calvesi writes, “is born from an in-depth re-examination of language and relies on a new way of seeing”.

Mario Schifano, considered one of the most important Italian artists, is considered the greatest exponent of the Piazza del Popolo School. His work is part of that vast artistic movement of the 1960s called Italian pop. La Nuvola, beyond research into the contemporary, is based on the presentation of the artists who wrote, through their works, some of the most beautiful and important pages in the history of Italian art of the Sixties and Seventies.