Alessandro Cannistrà – La necessità dell’invisibile – 30.11.04

Tuesday 30 November 2004 at 6.30 p.m. in the exhibition spaces of Fabio Falsaperla’s La Nuvola gallery, the personal exhibition of artist Alessandro Cannistrà, La necessità dell’invisibile, curated by Barbara Tosi, will be inaugurated. The vernissage will be preceded by a press conference at 11.30 am at La Nuvola gallery. In relation to the choice of the exhibition title, Alessandro Cannistrà explains: “We are talking about a painting of feeling, and not a painting of seeing. In fact, the artist’s work focuses on emotional and perceptive themes in the continuation of his creative work.

Cannistrà draws the contours of faceless heads and silhouettes of bodies, often using bright, vibrant colours. The sign, strongly personalised, clear and minimal at the same time, moves in the centre of the composition. The figures evoke a floating, metaphysical dimension, a serialised representation of the one and the many, androgynous bodies without identity that find their place in a space without gravity. Metaphysical are the silences and the sense of timelessness that hark back to an inorganic and primordial structure, or rather to a post-atomic era.

The body, just sketched by a synthetic and stylized drawing, becomes a mediator and communication link between the spectator and the cosmos that stands out against the background of the canvas. The artist therefore starts from drawing to evoke glimpses of light and infinite stellar landscapes, making visible what is impossible to see with the naked eye: the universe. The exhibition collects and presents to the public 11 works of different sizes, in which painting reaches its peak in the synthesis between gesture and reflection. The works are united by the ability to highlight the material through light, combining fragments of memory and perceptions of spaces.